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Professional photometric measurements, light sources and luminaires on LED and conventional sources


Photometric measurements

Photometric measurements of lighting fixtures allow to determine lighting parameters such as light flux, distribution curve, photometric mass, lighting angle, UGR, light efficiency and lighting fixture efficiency. Photometry is performed on the basis of PN-EN 13032 standard, in a specialized photometric darkroom, and the result of measurements is presented in the form of LDT or IES files designed to design lighting in programs such as DiaLux, Relux.

Street lighting

Measurements of street lighting

Road luminance measurements are taken to control lighting conditions, which is a key factor in maintaining high standards. Meeting the lighting criteria, strictly defined in the PN-EN 13201 standard, translates directly into the comfort and safety of drivers and pedestrians using the roads. Measurements of luminance should be performed directly after the road lighting installation and cyclically during operation, which allows to verify the maintenance of the assumed lighting parameters.


Spectrometric measurements

  • Radiation spectrum
  • Colour temperature
  • Colour rendering index

Photobiological safety measurements of lamps in accordance with PN-EN 62471

Bezpieczeństwo fotobiologiczne
fotosyntetyczny bndlight

Measurements of photosynthetically active radiation PAR, PPFD

Lighting audit

Audits of street lighting

  • Roadway luminance measurements
  • Light intensity measurements

Audits of exterior lighting

  • Facade luminance measurements
  • Light intensity measurements

Audits of interior lighting

  • Light intensity measurements
  • Measurement of the UGR glare index
  • Analysis of energy network parameters

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